MRT Tech is Öhlins’ specialist in Estonia, offering first-class installation, service and adjustment.

We install and service Öhlins steering dampers, front forks, cartridge kits and rear shocks for both street and race motorcycles.

We help to set up and give useful tips for every Öhlins product bought from us.

It is not increased HP, lightweight components or digital whiz-bang electronics that defies the motorcycle riding experience. It is suspension.  Ohlins suspension specializes in increasing confidence and enjoyment of every rider at any skill level.

How does suspension make such a huge difference?  Suspension is the one component that manages the relationship between the rider and a constantly changing road.  Motorcycles are made for a rider that does not exist, the average person.  How can a 130 pound 5’4” guy ride the same exact bike as a 320 pound 6’5” guy and expect the same experience?  They can’t!  When riding a bike that is equipped with Ohlins suspension you are given the ability to personalize that bike for your weight, riding style, skill level and purpose.  After considering all these factors that define the experience, how could you use anything less than the best materials?  Ohlins manufactures their products with the highest grade materials machined to the tightest tolerances.  Their quality is something other companies only hope they can attain.

Inherently you will have people that say, “Oh, I don’t need that much performance from my suspension,” but this is someone who has never ridden Ohlins suspension setup and tuned for them personally.   If we take a rider and talk with them about their intended use for the bike and their riding style, I guarantee we can create a bike setup for them that will double their enjoyment of the experience (and look like genius magicians in the process.)  This is the added value of properly adjusted Ohlins suspension.