Tire warmers

Motorcycle Tire Warmers are a key for the track day rider and racer. Every motorcycle racer knows that tires should be brought to proper temperature before hitting the track to eliminate the risk of cracking and also allow for proper grip. Motorcycle tire warmers are an essential accessory for any racer or serious track day rider.

MRT Tech offers a wide range of high-quality tire warmers – from simple and affordable warmers to electronically controlled top-of-the-line models in various colours and styles.

All warmers are made in Europe, comply with standards (CE and RoHS), are high-quality products and very reliable.

MRT Tire Warmer Standard

“Standard” is a high-quality and affordable tire warmer for a track day rider. This is the cheaper tire warmer that actually works. Competitors at the same price level have no practical value.

  • Carbon wiring for 100% reliability. Standard copper wiring becomes very fragile when high temperatures are reached, while carbon wiring can be twisted or crushed without any failure
  • Snake Wiring design from one side to the other and not parallel to circumference.
  • Flame retardant material.
  • Side bands for rim heating: not only the tire is warm, but also the rim, which helps maintaining the heat in the tire.
  • Elastic circumferential closure for an easy in-out.
  • Equipped with a transparent pocket to insert labels (rider name, tyre type etc)
  • Fixed 80°C temperature set, as required by Superbike and MotoGP.
  • High-quality thermostat for actual 80°C
  • Available only in black colour and as one size  set: for 120/17” front tire and 180-200/17” rear tire

MRT Tire Warmer Classic

Our most popular tire warmer “Classic”

Upgrades compared to the “Standard” warmer:

  • 12K carbon heating element (12000 better that regular carbon wire)
  • Heating element is stitched to the fabric, not glued
  • New and better isolating materials help to heat the tire even faster and more uniformly.
  • Many colours:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Orange
  • Available sizes:
    • MINI: 6,5” rim
    • MINI10: 10” rim
    • PITBIKE: 12” rim – Pitbike ja MiniGP
    • S: front 110, rear 120, 125GP
    • M: front 120, rear 160-170, 250GP and supermoto
    • L: front 120, rear 180-190, 600cc and supermoto
    • XL: front 120, rear 190-195 (200 16.5″ rim), 1.000cc
    • XXL: front 120, rear 205 (215 16.5″ rim), 1.000cc and bigger.

MRT Tire warmer Animal

The insides and technology is the same as “Classic”.

Cool styles with animal imitation:

  • Tiger
  • Leopard
  • Zebra
  • Cow

MRT tire warmer “Special”

Top of the line “Special” is meant for a professional racer.

  • Inside layer is 100% NOMEX.
  • External layer in gummy polyamide for an optimal temperature resistance.
  • Even better insulating materials.
  • Fixed 90°C temperature
  • Very durable for “careless treatment”, which happens a lot in racing
  • Available in all “Classic” colours and:
    • Tricolore
    • Jeans
    • Urban
    • Corse
    • Camo
    • Special order any material based on client’s wishes

MRT tire warmer “Special EVO”

Two thermostats – sides are heated more than the center (even faster and more uniform heating of the tire).

MRT tire warmer “Digital”

This is not just a display, but a programmable control unit, that allows to set and adjust the tire temperature quickly and comfortably.

All the aforementioned tire warmers and be ordered with a digital control unit!


  • Control unit is located on the rear tire and controls both the front and rear tire
  • Easy and simple user interface with two buttons
  • Both tire temperatures can be set separately 40…120°C
  • 2 “secondary temperatures”
  • Time elapsed from reaching set temperature
  • 10 different heating velocities
  • Delayed start
  • Overload/ burn-out protection
  • °C or °F

MRT tire warmer “Digital EVO”

Both tires have separate control units.

Possible to order control unit as a separate element (not attached to the warmer).