MRT Tech won’t consider any technical improvement to a motorcycle as impossible. No matter the level of difficulty, MRT Tech won’t make compromises in quality!

A brief description of our services:

Modification: To reach the best outcome in modifying your bike, we will always start with a detailed consultation to find out your needs, expectations and wishes. The clients will be consulted by highly experienced and skilled MRT Tech workers.

Tuning: We build both racing bikes for circuits or drag racing, by following the technical demands of IDM (International German Championship) and FIM (Federation of International Motorcycling). The large number of podium places, speed records and the success our bikes at IDM series are a guarantee of the quality of our works.

Maintenance: We offer maintenance services to all street and race motorcycles, including rebuilding complex engines. The professional quality is satisfying to both casual riders or circuit racers.

Stock ECU flashing: MRT Tech offers stock ECU flashing service. Read more….